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  1. Charlotte looking great for the opening day, always very elegant. Cheers for posting.
  2. Great shoot of Laura Appreciate the adds, saw the magazine online, but wasn't sure how to save the photos.
  3. Just noticed that there are two forums for Valeria Sanesi, the names are different but they are the same model. https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/68971-valeria-sanesi/ https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/88125-valeria-laetitia-mariah/
  4. Amazing woman and also very funny on her YouTube channel.
  5. Nice to have some new material from the beautiful Alicia. Sadly appears we have long wait for Tomb Raider 2? Cheers as always Shepherd. Heads up she was on a Zoom chat for the Seth Meyers yesterday.
  6. She does look beautiful, and i think it really is a great look, but clearly these are from the same day as you posted a couple of comments back, maybe just a different paparazzi. Either way, new photos of Jenna, so cheers as always for posting Shepherd.
  7. Cheers to Matt! for bringing a normality back to the forum, nice photo.
  8. Looks beautiful in the new agency videos. Cheers for posting
  9. Really stunning shoot. Nicola is right to be proud of this, great work by Alexei, but have to say Nicola makes your job whole lot easier.
  10. Looks beautiful and classy. Cheers for posting
  11. Simply stunning shoot Cheers for sharing
  12. The trailer needs a lot more Alicia in, and lot less Dev. Looks interesting know, cheers for posting.
  13. Not sure that's Hannah Cooper, at least not this Hannah Cooper.
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