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  1. Some Nelly Images (I guess from about 2012/2013)
  2. The one on the right is Semka Semenchenko
  3. Anyone know her name? CIRONE Swimwear. Thanks!
  4. Lanna Alder (Boss Model Management) http://www.bossmodelmanagement.co.uk/models/physique/women/lanna-alder.htm https://twitter.com/Leeanne_Alder
  5. Thanks for the reply. Uhm, I know a little late No one got an idea about her? http://media.thesimplygroup.com/stockimage.../112092/3/3.jpg As far as I can tell she models for - simplybeach.com / simplygroup (see above) - camille.co.uk http://www.camille.co.uk/images/products/full/image1620.jpg - thehut.com http://thehut.pantherssl.com/productimg/0/...0255-740000.jpg So I suppose there is a high chance she is British. Anyone? Axmax ~Please do not hotlink images - check the rules here - better use the attachment function! - Edited by Carmelita.~
  6. Would be great, if you could help me with those three IDs. I had no luck so far. Thanks! 1) from nelly.se Model 1 2) from nelly.se Model 2 3) from simplybeach.com http://media.thesimplygroup.com/stockimage.../112092/3/3.jpg ~Please do not hotlink images - check the rules here. Better download the picture to your computer and then upload it either to an imagehost like imageshack, photobucket, imageupper etc or upload it directly onto the Bellazon server. There's an attachment function beneath the reply box (when you click on reply, I mean) - Edited by Carmelita.~
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