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  1. 5* for you hun! :)

  2. I usually do,, but my laptop with photoshop cs3 on it, is very old and slow, so.. :)

  3. Yes, deviant art is amazing for overlays ;)

  4. That's good, glad you had a great day :)

  5. Busy too, with my job and college, but I'm looking for a new and better job now :)

  6. Thank you! :D and omg.. Picnik is no longer here :(

  7. Welcome! :D And thanks, though, I didn't make it. :D As always, I love your set! ;D

  8. Welcome :) Hope you had a lovely birthday.


  10. I have photoshop cs3, but it's old my old crappy laptop, so will have to save my money and buy it for my new laptop, but yeah, your new set is amazing! I get all my overlays, brushes, etc. from deviantart. :D really amazing stuff on that site.

  11. Happy Birthday :) Have a great one! :D

  12. At my level? Hun, you've gone past my "level" hahahah :D I barely make sets anyways.. to lazy, tbh. xD lol

  13. Hey! :) How are you, hun? :D

  14. Hey, hey, hey hon! :) <3

  15. Heyyy sweets! :) hope all is good and well on your end! Your sets have majorly improved these last few months Hun! :o wow at your new Lima set

  16. Valerija Sestic :)

  17. Thats so hard to say, I love so many models. :/ Probably Barbara Palvin though. :p

  18. Happy Birthday :)

  19. Lol, well glad to see your a fan! :D And from the looks of it, you love a lot of blonde models? :D

  20. Hahah ;D You too hun! Have a great easter.

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