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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Thank-you. :D I love your about me.

  3. Oooh. It's just sometimes you comment and write same things. Lol (:

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. There is no need to brag! :o lol

  6. Yes, i went back on the 6th. :( Got homework the day i went back.

  7. You back @ college/school yet? :D

  8. LOL. ;D Haha. You got me, hahaha.

  9. Hope you had a great new years!

  10. I'm lovin what you did with your about me. Gifs of My are to die for. :o I can't even choose what one I'd like to use as my avi. Haha.

  11. Hey, it's nice to see another Xenia Deli fan. :D I've talked to Xenia and she has seen her Bellazon fan page. She's happy to have fans. :)

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

  14. A fellow Ruslana fan. :hug: I seriously miss her :( It was nice to see you like My too! Her tattoos are stunning. :D

  15. Who made your recent sigs? They look really good. :D

  16. I rated you 5 stars. :D Hope you have a great new years!

  17. Hope you have a great Christmas and new years too! x

  18. Haha, very true! Hey. :D

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