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Status Updates posted by DanniCullen

  1. Sarnic, do you not get my pm's?

  2. Hey, haven't seen you here in awhile. How are things? :)

    1. sarnic


      Really good! How about you? That's Erika in your avi right? She is gorg :o

    2. DanniCullen


      Yes, its Erika! Seriously.. Her Barbara like features are UNREAL! :o And im good thanks, you? :D

  3. Love your Lana set. Im loving her music so much! <3

    1. katchitup


      Thanks :) I love her music so much too....blue jeans just goes on and on in my head :p OH and I forgot I followed you on tumblr...you followed me back :p Its foreverbeautifulthings.tumblr :)

    2. DanniCullen


      ^Ahh, blue jeans and national athem are my favs!! Also dark paradise! :p And yes, I saw! I really need to go on tumblr more. :/ lol.

    3. katchitup


      dark paradise I haven't heard yet...I'll have to listen to that one ;)

  4. :O Who made your recent set?

  5. Thank-you! :D Took me like an hour to make that. hahaha. And yes, shame she doesn't model much anymore. :( Still love her though.

  6. Is that Erin in your set? :D

  7. It's no problem! :D Hope you had a great holiday! :)))

  8. Haha, no problem :D She looks great. Did you make the gifs?

  9. Gorgeous new profile pic hun! :D

  10. True :D You can always request a set from me, anytime. :)

  11. Pixlr, has a lot of similar functions as Photoshop so. :D

  12. Yes, you have to download it. You can buy it and install it, but it's very $$$ LOL :D And I had the download + crack on my old laptop, so.. I just re-downloaded on my new laptop :) Hope I understood your question.

  13. Oh, I use version CS3 exstented :p forgot to add that.

  14. Yes, she made it :D I made a previous set myself with Nicole using PS. :D And the Xenia thing on my about me, I made on PS. :D I think Pretty uses PS too, not sure what version though.

  15. Yes, I like "Love song" :D Didn't know you liked them either. :)

  16. Really? :D I wanted to ask, I know you use PS to make gifs, but what program do you use to edit the video? :D

  17. Nicole Harrison :) I have photoshop cs3 now :D

  18. I just got PS - CS3 on my new laptop. :D

  19. Love your new set. <3

  20. Thank-you! :D Credit goes to Janet Garrison for making the gif set though. ;) Love your Lana avi. :D