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  1. oh thanks! :( but i am doing a new one....but of gisele. =]

  2. Nouve

    You are from brasil? Cool :D How is it over there?

  3. Nouve

    Good good and yourself?

  4. Hey!! How's it going? :D

  5. good! hehe :D heard about your little fight. JK :p I won't go there. how are you?

  6. I am so sorry ed! I just been so lazy :D

  7. Nouve

    very cute pic :D

  8. Nouve

    Check your inbox. :D

  9. Okay! Good, lol the accents don't show up. I added you as a friend too! :D

  10. who is that model in your avatar? she's gorgeous :D

  11. Oh ed! I'm doing just great, bored at the moment! We need to talk soon!

  12. Nouve

    Of course its okay if you don;t want the avatar!Lol, I love the one you have now, one of her best shoots. :D.

  13. Nouve

    Hey I almost have your set of coco done! ;)

  14. Joanna! Como estas?

  15. eh eh real madrid gano...que pena! :cry:

  16. o goody! i love adri too!! who else is on your list? :)

  17. good thank you!!! alessandra is your favorite model? ^_^

  18. happy birthday!

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