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  1. You're a heat fan? Oh dear, 1 star (Lol) just joking but don't even get me started on wade OR lebron. I guess since you're from Miami though, it's alright. But you know the Heat have nothing but band wagon fans.

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    2. cherrybomb


      Girl please. I use to be a Wade fan, from the moment he was out of Marquette to a few years ago. But LeBron joining the Heat has made that man the biggest b*tch you could imagine (after LeBron that is). I can't even begin lol, that shit is ridiculous. At least LeBron has shown up to mostly every game this series. Instead of giving up or playing with no heart. I can care less about every single person in the Heat organization (minus mr. Pat Riley because I will forever cherish him) I know...

    3. cherrybomb


      dammit my message got cut off! I know it's impossible for OKC to win now, but I'm praying they somehow do. It would make my year, LOL the Heat hatred is strong. I know OKC has game 5...they can win 6 at home, but if it even goes to 7, hate to say it but I know leQueen and the posse will take it. Ugh.

    4. AnaBBarrosFan


      I could never hate them, they are SO FUNNY! That's what gets me about them. They aren't the most humble guys, but they ARE talented, and people need to give them a break for their stupidity last year. They've more than proven themselves, and there are more bandwagon haters than there are bandwagon fans. Miami has this thing where, not just in basketball, any sport, they don't give a shit until someone is doing something right/winning. We have better shit to do... like go t...

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