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  1. Nat So purty. Thanks for the pictures! Her face is amazing!
  2. Amazing body! Legs look a bit tiny.. But still what a killer bod And that skin colour
  3. If you insist After reading a few of her interviews now, she seems fairly laid back and down to earth Which is nice.
  4. What what did you just made me a VS girl Joe? :| Grammar fail Layla Layla, you can do VSFS 10 I bet Get in there Girl!
  5. O.o who's dat girl on yer page here? Btw nice posts around the forum :P And yer a friend of Barons eh? :P

  6. Layla was in VSFS? So that's who the one girl I didn't know was Quite pretty she was
  7. ^^ True <_< Alina! :persuazn: I'd treat her better Just with less money
  8. Nah, female dogs get spaded. Male dogs neutered. Either way, no babies for Kodah or Nacho now. Though, if kodah has puppies they would've been so pretty!

  9. Dam! What poses! And what feet Thanks!
  10. Busyish. Waiting to hear on a summer job thing, and my doggy (kodah) got her lady dog parts removed, so i've been under all day supervision of her since saturday. But good other then that!

  11. Nah didn't mean it that way. I've never been to london, so i assume it's a blast. I wanna go one day

  12. Thx for the pics again. I put that one "foot orgy" pic in my about me pic :flower: And credited you thanks again! :D

  13. Okay waht a bod Thanks nessy! Holy :shock: Just amazing! Wow. Go blake!
  14. My sisters cat is named Bob Nibbles... *facepalm* i kinda wish Fajita :)

  15. My sister has a cat lol

  16. London eh? sounds riveting.

  17. Aww! A black Pom! :D So cute :wub: http://i44.tinypic.com/fabtl2.jpg

    That's my other dog (the one in the small pic) all grown up now. ;) well, 6 months old anyways. LOL

  18. Nice job. I hated math so i never got more then a c+ really lol. And nacho is fine. Kodah is being lazy too :P

  19. heh, that's lil nacho pup :wub: She's my baby. I got another dog (also on my page) I might switch pics soon. and btw I'm ken :wave: nice to meet ya :P

  20. Rawr, I'm not much of a lima fan. But your lima set is hot :mellow:

  21. She actually :P Nacho and kodah are both female. ;) And lol i bet looking after a kid is a full time job. One of the girls i like has a child :blink:

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