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  1. looking for these ASOS models. does anybody know them? thank you http://www.asos.de/Asos/Asos-Inky-Giraffe-...1&clr=White http://www.asos.de/One-Teaspoon/One-Teaspo...r=Vintage+White
  2. agree She seems soo nice. Like a best friend
  3. Can you please tell me who the girl beside Anett Griffel {right site} is. Hope you can ID her. Please do not hotlink images - post edited by persuazn
  4. Poloniova!! She's totally pretty. Don't know, what you all think about Herzigova <_< @ennaid, now I think we are three
  5. Wow. He's really hot! Thanks for all the pics
  6. thank you she's so pretty. wish i would look like her
  7. It's hard to be a dummy like me <_<
  8. Do you think? But I think it looks much like her
  9. The link doesn't work.. http://www.myspace.com/142865609 it looks very fake most probably a repost wrong! I know her real account (i hope so^^) http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=19156108 she is one of my 'friends' :hell yea!:
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