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  1. QueenAn40


    Is that Adriana? ...It doesn't seem like her from what I could see... EDIT: Okay...nvm...I guess it's not her...I knew smthin' smelled a lil fishy...
  2. :wub: I think I found my new Julien Hedquist......awww who am I kidding...no one can replace my Julien. But I gotta admit he came really close. The sad thing is in some pics he has really nice abs but in others I can't tell...it's sloppy.
  3. LOL That's funny! I feel a perminision...Ashlee is going to be a major slut...or is already on the verge. She's wild...and the things she wears...OMGosh! She's not that pretty...the only time I think she's cute was in The Hot Chick.
  4. Can anyone make me an avatar with matching sig. of either Adriana, Alessandra, or Petra?...any of those three?...I'd really appreciated it. I would make my own but I'm really busy lately...and it doesn't look right without at least an avatar. Oh yea...I'd love the color to be either green or pink for any text or whatnot.
  5. Ewww...she look trashy there! She looks cute in some stuff but there...no.
  6. This is what he did to my heart... So this is what a broken heart feels like... LOL She's so lucky... I'm envious now!
  7. :shock: Is that his girlfriend???
  8. OMGOSH valmont!!! I love you so much right now! Thank you!!! Sorry for not looking in this section...I had a blonde moment...I kept watching the GD section. , An
  9. Awww...thank you so much! I hope you don't mind cooties cause MUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! You're so nice! ...Is it all of the pics? I hope it is for the editorial...
  10. I'm not sure...it's the one w/ her boy friend she's wearing mostly pink and white in all of the pictures.
  11. Okay nvm, can someone tell or pm Aelora's email or a way to contact her please...this is kindda of an emergency...no wait scratch that this is an ermergency. An
  12. Hey anyone know what's going on with alessandra-ambrosio.net? I need a pic from Marie Claire...but all I get is a blank page that says well..., Alessandra-Ambrosio.net. Neways please let me know. Da Queen EDIT: Okay nvm gotcha...just read. Okay neone has pics from the site they wonna send me...like the whole thing...I know there's gotta be at least one hardcore Ale fan out there...please reply back soon. Love, An
  13. Uh does anyone have a pic of Alessandra on a surfboard that's half on the bed and the nose of the board is downwards and she's pretending to surf it...it's for the Pink collection. I found the pic once but don't remember where it is and have looked at all the pages on this thread...it might have been here since alot of the pics are out...neways can someone post it for me pretty please. Thanks a bunch!
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