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  1. :shock: I think you've just killed me... Those are amazing!
  2. New! I'm not sure what magazine they're from. Some might be reposts, sorry. from fotolog.com.br/mat_gordon/85470122
  3. Thanks Festat, for the picture. His eyes look amazing blue! Welcome to the thread Mathetria, Pix, and Olen.
  4. Berlin 2009 JOOP from mensmodelstalk.blog8.fc2.com
  5. Welcome Chanel90, your English is great. It's always nice to see such diversity in this thread. Those have been posted before but it's ok, nobody's complaining, when it comes to pictures of Taylor, you can never have enough.
  6. No... :shock: Thank you ttt!!! He looks great, it's good to finally see something new.
  7. Speaking of the gap... Here he is for GAP. Thanks to biba91 @ tFS. His hair looks kind of odd...
  8. Yessss, something new! :hell yea!: :shock: You are amazing! photos= Thank you vae!
  9. Finally found the information on this photo: Young British Power Style Magazine (Italy)
  10. Backstage at D&G, old picture w/ Mathias & Eddie.
  11. That was all I found on the agency's website, and there was no information. Sorry...
  12. Thanks for the larger picture ttt. Very true passionflower. Welcome back vae!
  13. From the Success website, kind of small, but better than nothing. From the Mega Model Agency site New!
  14. Not exactly new, but new here. From the Rad Hourani website. thanks to Devon Devore @ tFS RENE LEZARD Fall '09 Mini Look Book from ebay
  15. Backstage at Duckie Brown SS10 Bones @tFS
  16. I guess she got banned. A few others were banned as well.
  17. 500 Days Of Summer Jennifer's Body Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Where The Wild Things Are
  18. Another backstage @ General Ida His expression... isaaclikes.com
  19. Polaroids, some are from a few weeks ago and the others are from a few days ago. thanks to Ed and georgiegeorgie @ mh.
  20. Taylor just finished shooting the Spring 2010 Lacoste campaign, it should come out in January. Proof is here: Yessss! Picture from the interview.
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