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  1. POPEYE #745, May 2009 Thanks to democrazy @ mh.
  2. Yes he is, finally someone else sees it.
  3. I have been lazy for many months... but I will be updating more. Cerruti SS10 Dan Hares @ mh Masatomo SS10 Casting for Masatomo SS10 thefashionisto
  4. Indeed! Good to know that someone agrees and that I'm not alone in my insanity.
  5. Isetan Spring 2009 Catalogue Thanks to Literati @ mh. Joe needs more love...
  6. That is French actor Gaspard Ulliel, he used to model. His thread is here!
  7. He could be in Star Wars! Great screencap Bel.
  8. Hyden Yoo Spring 2010 Lookbook Finally something new... Source
  9. Photography by Jacob Sutton Source
  10. Tisk, tisk.... it has been too long. PORTRAITS by Karl Simone Bello Mag Source
  11. From Italian Vogue Beautiful and amazing pictures. Source
  12. You're welcome, they are amazing photos. Sorry, it didn't mention the photographers name.
  13. Black Book Magazine interview Link!
  14. I don't see him as a Mark... it'd be strange, Mark Brett Fuchs... Brett does sound very cowboy-ish. He's the best looking cowboy I've ever seen! You are not al loser Bel, we all are.
  15. Yes, they deserve all of the praise for giving the world this wonderful man.
  16. SHELLAC Fall 2009 Lookbook from thefashionisto.com
  17. RA-RE Fall 2009 from thefashionisto.com
  18. Backstage at Costume National SS10
  19. Wow, thanks! I see a nip! Sorry. That pic just screams for naughtyness ...wouldnt mind being one of the people in the tribes he conquered He could conquer me as well any day. :evil:
  20. Bel, you made the 1,000th post in Taylor's thread!
  21. Pretty cool, Tyler wants to be an actor. "I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE, BUT I PREFER THE MOVIES TYLER RIGGS... AS AN ACTOR His greatness Tyler Riggs is now seriously training to become a future Hollywood leading man. The sky is the limit for all others, but for Tyler Riggs, the sky is just blue. " from the red blogspot.
  22. Of course! Post them all! I really like that shoot too, but my favorite is probably from this shoot. Sorry, ignore the second one... mistake.
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