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  1. Ahhh! Those are great! Great job thebelgianhare!
  2. I've never seen these but I could be wrong, sorry if repost. Antonio Marras Missoni Source: modemodelsblog.com
  3. Thank you thebelgianhare! He does look like a scientist. Great pictures by the way. Taylor is just so lovely.
  4. Hello all, I'm new here and this is my first contribution to the Taylor thread. I just have to say you have all done a great job! Taylor at the Gap Spring 09 show during New York Fashion Week. Taylor is amazingly gorgeous and cute, especially here. Source: http://www.modemodelsblog.com/search/label/Taylor%20Fuchs
  5. Yup. It looks like a really good movie.
  6. More! Boyd in an Another Man editorial. from models.com
  7. Stas in an Another Man editorial. from models.com
  8. Time to resurrect this place! I have found some new pictures of Boyd. H&M from models.com I'm new here. I discovered Boyd while looking through some pictures of the perfect Jasper from Twilight on some website.
  9. Thank you! Yes, I hope you can help me decide, it's too hard!
  10. Hello there I am new here. I just have to say I love Mathias, it's a tie between him and Taylor Fuchs. Ok so I have found something, forgive me if it's a repost, I'm new here. Hugo Boss Black from models.com
  11. Hey there! I'm kind of new here so, Hi! I have not seen anything new here so... here you go, I found something! (I hope it hasn't been posted before... I don't think it has) from models.com BTW, Mat is simply amazing.
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