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  1. Thanks for all the great pictures Festat.
  2. Most Valuable Players VMAN thefashionisto
  3. :D Haha, you're welcome shadow! :)

  4. It's ok shadow. His hair looks nice like that, I like it.
  5. ^ He did do Lacoste, the pictures Bel posted are from the show.
  6. Hi! :D Schools been ok, I've been having problems in one particular class, too much work, but at least I'm passsing. :) That's nice, you'll eventually remeber their names, don't worry. :D

  7. Yes, he is amazing. And so are all of us here. Yes, I didn't like that either, they hid his beautiful eyes, and the hair is slightly strange. But not to worry, there are plenty more shows on the way.
  8. Thanks Bel! Hope he has a show today, if not tomorrow.
  9. The 2nd one... It gives me :evil: thoughts. Sorry... and thanks festat fashion week starts today Really, it starts today, yess, makes my day even better! I completly forgot about fashion week.
  10. The 2nd one... It gives me :evil: thoughts. Sorry...
  11. Thanks for all the great pictures ewell666. Dainius kind of reminds me of Joe Edney.
  12. Thanks Baby that 2nd pic is great!
  13. The Big Chill Ph: Giovanni Zaccagnini thefashionisto
  14. The Red Foursome by Kevin Mackintosh Dansk mag. thefashionisto
  15. Those are incredible. Thanks Summer.
  16. Thanks for all the great new pictures everyone, they're amazing! Can't wait 'til fashion week.
  17. That's a great signature ttt. And welcome heartless_mind... nice to see even more people on this thread.
  18. Umm... no. That's Vladimir Ivanov. thank you Sure!
  19. He's not a model, although if he wanted to he'd be great , it's British actor Nicholas Hoult.
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