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  1. If you're still interested his name is Jamie Jewitt. PM sent to topic starter ** edited by MauiKane
  2. Etro FW10 I love his look here, the longish hair really works for him, love it. HQ gsquared2 @ mh
  3. You're welcome runwayhigh. Versace FW10 HQ thanks to gsquared2 @ mh
  4. I didn't notice the tattoos. I love the one with the suit and the fur thing on his shoulder, his stare... :evil:
  5. Bottega Veneta FW10/11 HQ nikestav10 @ mh
  6. Some more Armani pics. Dan Hares & nikestav10 @ mh
  7. Gianfranco Ferré Fall Winter 2010-11 He opened the show. thanks to Dan Hares & nikestav10 @ mh
  8. Thanks for the Armani pictures. Happy Birthday Taylor!
  9. Woo! Armani video is up! You can see him at 10:44. HERE!
  10. Apparently he walked Armani, not 100% sure because the LIVE Stream crashed, so I couldn't see the show. <_< Hopefully some pictures will be up soon.
  11. I hope the Lacoste campaign comes out soon! Yay for Fashion Week.
  12. THE GUY IN THAT FIRST PICTURE...IS THAT BOYD?! Yeah, he's in both pictures.
  13. NEW! 2 Magazine, December 2009 Backstage with Lenz thanks to thefalconer and elerai @ mh
  14. ...Decadence to Dystopia Another Man A/W 08 Ph: Serge LeBlon Old editorial but the pictures are better quality than the one's posted before. from thefashionisto
  15. Don't worry, it makes perfect sense, his jawline is incredible. Welcome! Agreed. His bone structure in general in incredible. He'll age well. (Probably not something he wants to think about at 21, but ...) I like the little cleft in his chin. He will age well. I don't think he's 21, I think he's turning 23 in January...
  16. Don't worry, it makes perfect sense, his jawline is incredible. Welcome!
  17. Yes. I agree. He would make the movies a more bearable too.
  18. RENÉ LEZARD' 2009/2010 MEN´S COLLECTION FALL/WINTER 2009/2010 from RENÉ LEZARD's official Facebook fan-site. Backstage at Moschino, Taylor and Tyler.
  19. JOOP! Spring 2010 Campaign preview from thefashionisto sorry, AJ is in the 2nd one...
  20. The last picture is just... Do you have any idea what this is for Bel? ^Never-mind, I've found the answer to my question.
  21. Thank you. That video has never been posted before. Great find!
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