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  1. Now aint that a cooooool smile Love it haha It's more of a sexy smirk. :evil:
  2. Cole on the cover of I Love Fake Magazine Ph: Jolijn Snijers Source
  3. You're welcome, I love that one too.
  4. Sorry, but... His hair is back to normal! Paul Smith Jeans Fall 2009 Lookbook Source!
  5. Giuliano Fujiwara Fall 2009 Ph: Emilio Tini from thefashionisto
  6. All The King's Gold - Future Claw mag Ph: RJ Shaughnessy Source!
  7. You're right Bel... we just have to wait patiently.
  8. Thanks Bel! We need something new... anything.
  9. Hey thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will remember the next time xoxoxooxoxo You're welcome!
  10. Engine #104, May 2009 Thanks to democrazy @ mh
  11. Saw Alexander again last night, he looked great in that movie.
  12. Very sorry, I looked on their website and one of their previous campaigns what shot by a photographer by the name of Boogie... . His website is here.
  13. J.W. Anderson Spring 2010 Preview That hair... Source
  14. i put these pictures on the 4th page Sorry Baby, I didn't realize that...
  15. You're welcome. He looks great in both the shoot and the ads.
  16. That is Ollie Edwards. Welcome, but next time you need someone I'd please post it in the ID thread.
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