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  1. Ok, what would you like to discuss? :)

  2. Exactly! They're terrible...

  3. Most of them are, unless they're pedophiles! D:

    You'll miss it when you get older.

  4. It's fine. I just noticed the pearls! At first I only saw that sexy moustache... :evil:
  5. Oh ok, now that makes more sense!
  6. It makes perfect sense! Vladimir's always hot, no matter what he does! :evil:
  7. New Man Fall 2009 Campaign Source!
  8. Sonic Youth - Details mag Ph: Maciek Kobielski Source!
  9. Sonic Youth - Details mag Ph: Maciek Kobielski Source!
  10. Aww... Who would do something like that.
  11. Sometimes I wish Hogwarts were a real place so that I could go there and learn magic/spells and do anything! :evil:
  12. I really doubt it but you just never know! :)

    I thought taking candy from strangers was bad?! D:

    That's nice, I kind of wish I was 14 again. :D

  13. Thanks. I didn't make it, someone made it for me. It doens't matter, it's not that big and it's nice.
  14. Of course, thanks for adding me as well.

    Yes, I'm 15, are you 14? :)

    Oh, Faget, he's cool, although I doubt he's actually 98. :D

  15. Thanks for the vid. They all seem like a fun group of guys. Thank you! I've seen that video before but the audio didn't match the vid so I stopped it right away. It's okay! They're great pictures , thanks!
  16. I want some of those sunglasses! Anyways, thanks Bel!
  17. Shaun has always looked very vampish, it's probably because he's so pale, and those lips...
  18. lol Why? I didn't see anything wrong. Anyway...He looks cute! Thanks for posting Govea! Same here, I don't see anything, except his tattoo, which is awesome. You're welcome.
  19. And Men magazine Ph: William Lords The first one... Source
  20. Yay! Oh, I like his eyes in that picture.
  21. Do you mean the picture I posted? Because if so... I love that picture too, it's my favorite!
  22. Now aint that a cooooool smile Love it haha It's more of a sexy smirk. :evil: I like it hahahahahah :evil: He is a vampy beast haha He does seem a bit vampy.
  23. While we wait for something new, I say we reminisce about what exactly brought us to this great thread in the first place. For me it was this picture:
  24. Hi there. Welcome, it's always nice to see that someone new has discovered the greatness that is Taylor. Thanks for the link.
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