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  1. Every time when I hear news about the show coming back, I always get reminded of how I used to spent time on drawing my own VSFS outfit ideas for many years which resulted in over 300+ ideas.
  2. As much as I would love to see all the woke BS gets dismissed by VS, I highly doubt that they will go back to the best version of themselves when it comes to prioritizing "sexiness" again. Before the woke shit happened, I still remember how a lot of the fandom wished for women and not girls to be cast to do VS. They were at the peak of perfectionizing their sexiness formula with the 2005 show and the Angels involved. Seems like wishful thinking of me to see them bringing back the show with an exclusive amount of models of around 30 models, bringing back Angels but only 5-8 Angels and give them three outfits again, bringing back outfits with wings but only a limited amount with their catchy mashups as runway soundtracks that freaking fitted the themes of the segments as opposed to ill-fitted music by popular musicians performing live and distracting from the models. Another thing that I noticed towards the ending of the show is also how skinny the VS standard had become (they tried though with Barbara Palvin, Maia Cotton and Sofia Rovenstine in their last show). Feminine qualities really don't hurt. It's lingerie after all.
  3. what do you even mean that she didn't have a lot of hype in the 2018 show? Anyways, she was mentioned as an Angel in the press release for the 2018 show along with all the other Angels. So she was still an Angel in 2018 regardless of less "hype".
  4. Err... actually she said that the show always took place on her birthday and it's nice for a change to relax on her birthday instead of feeling the pressure of being seen by so many people when she does the VS show. Then she literally said "I don't miss the show too much if I'm honest". What was there to cackle? She wasn't shading VS at all.
  5. Elsa said that the VSFS always took place on her birthday and that it's nice for a change to be able to relax on her birthday instead of feeling the most pressure when she does the show. Then she continued saying that she doesn't "miss it too much". She didn't say "at all". The way you paraphrased is blatantly putting words in her mouth. Not cool at all.
  6. Around this time of the year you would see people start posting regularly on the thread that is dedicated to each year's show. But no 2020 show, so no 2020 thread. Is it safe to say that the VS show is over for good? It's still so odd to acknowledge that. I had this thought the other day that the VS show was one of the very few jobs that expanded the longevity of a model's career. Without VS, I'm pretty sure many model's careers would have been over way earlier. Now that the show is gone models are pushed back one step further into the unknown beauty-identity. It's very sad and all because a bunch of hot models with the same body type weren't enough.🙄
  7. Regardless of how flawed the show became over the years, it was far from being a shit show. 👆 The VS show won't come back obviously because fatties and trans created their butthurt-shitstorm and VS became a victim of cancel culture. I'm usually not a conspiracy theorist but I find it somewhat funny to think that Ed plotted the end of the VS show as he thought of retiring. He made the VS show and he didn't wanna leave it to someone else when retiring. So he indirectly made it go lol.
  8. That Martha, Candice and Elsa are gone is based on assumptions though, no? There is not a single source to back that claim up like with Behati's case with the pagesix-article. On another note, I don't think the VS show will ever come back. If it does, then it would become an all-sizes-pity-party and wouldn't be the VS show that we have all become acquainted to. VS is infamous to be hesitant to call a spade a spade. They have done that to Marisa and Miranda. When they left, they claimed they would continue working with them and it never happened (as expected). So their official announcement about creating new dynamic content means "no VS show anymore".
  9. During her time as an Angel, Gisele didn't wear wings only in one show (the 2003 show). Only one show doesn't qualify as "rarely".
  10. Yeah, you'd probably be the only person who would think that's a backstabbing move and a slap in the face. Model contracts don't last forever. So what are you talking about being pissed???
  11. no, they didn't call her ugly. They (aka Sophia Neophitou) said: and let's be honest: Kate Upton has a body that looks kinda like she's letting herself go lately. When she first worked with SI, she had an amazing body but a year later she started to gain weight and the proportions look off. Still a nice body but when you make a living out of it, you have to have an amazing body.
  12. I remember that too and that she said about a blonde model doing so which prompted people to assume that she was talking about Elsa. By that time people shunned Charlotte to be a liar and that she claimed that out of spite because she didn't get the show but now... maybe there was indeed some good amount of truth to that.
  13. I don't like the short hair on her. Celine is the most beautiful with long wavy hair. It's a shame when someone that beautiful is considered too mainstream and too "pretty white girl", so she was told to cut it short, making her look like a butch lesbian (shout out to them 😉), so she would look somewhat edgy enough for hf. Her career started quite promising but I think it's pretty save to say now that her career has already reached its peak and doing Balmain for shows, and Ralph Lauren for catalog work is as far as it will go. What a shame 😒.
  14. Burgdoerfer also said that they will keep communicating with their customers but nothing of the magnitude similar to the fashion show. Since every of their fashion show is planned a year in advanced, it makes Burgdoerfer's statement sound like that we can also forget about a 2020 show from happening. :S All I can wish for is that I hope the VS show will come back and if it does that it won't become a Savage x Fenty 2.0 show. They actually had a "making of"-series from the past few shows on youtube though. 😉
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