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  1. Happy Birthday Layla!!!! Hope that you have a greatttt Birthday today!! :D

  2. Thanks haha, and yes add me on facebook! Its facebook.com/ammorealis :)

  3. Hey! I'm not busy anymore now! Graduated from secondary school finally!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and I really miss being here , will try to spend more time here soon.

  4. ahh I see I see. the sso thing is cool though :)

  5. ooh thats cool! I think I am the only one on this forum so far lol. Why do you come here every summer? curious curious :)

  6. !!! HI! Saw your comment on my profile lol. :)))

  7. oh hey, just saw your comment to me awhile ago, Sorry... :(( Thats Mariko Shinoda in my avi, one of my favourite girls from AKB48!!

  8. Hey you :). Missed you much when I wasn't here. Hope you are well :)))

  9. Heyyy!!! Missed you much. :) Hope I can see you around more this year lol. *hug*

  10. awww thanks so much for the birthday and christmas wishes, I am so sorry for not coming on more. I have major exams this year :( Hope I have more free time to come here soon :)

  11. hey missed you a bit :hugs: how have you been?

  12. its been a while but i'm finally back on BZ again... how are you?

  13. Merry Christmas to you :)

    oh I went out with my friends on my birthday for a movie, it was really great.

  14. Merry Christmas to you too, thanks for the Happy Birthday :)

  15. Than You so much :)

  16. Thank You so much :)

  17. Hey Ire :) thanks for asking about how I am, my exam results were not really good, so yeah. I need to take time off now in the holidays to study more :( I really miss everyone here at BZ

  18. I'm fine :) , having my last exam paper tomorrow. Then I'm free till my results are out. Anyway, great to hear you are having a good time at U of M.

  19. Hey I miss you girl *hug* hope everything is all right for you at U of M. Come on to BZ when you have the time

  20. Happy Birthday Martin :)

  21. hey thanks for the comment and hope that school's better for you now. I am having my finals now and it kills me to study soo much. see you around :)

  22. Happy Birthday Girl. Hope you are well :)

  23. This thing called Olympics is ruining my life. I badly want to watch Michael Phelps swim but I've got exams this entire week *cry*

  24. Thanks :) I luv it too

  25. Your welcome :). indeed there is a way to send comment notification to your mail but it is kinda not working for me now...

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