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  1. So grateful for all the pictures here I really missed following Mat's career, just the other day I was on one of his Facebook pages and read an update from him, saying how he has contracted Hepatitis C and is HIV positive and other things. It was kind of sad to see that sort of thing from him, but somewhere along the line he stated he had begun healing. I hope that maybe one day in the future he can go back to modelling, since he was definitely one of the best models in the industry
  2. Oh man I miss this thread, I've been missing from here for too long!
  3. awww school's been sosososos busy, i tell myself to come here, but i always forget
  4. ^ thanks so much for the H&M shots, he looks gooood in there. I was so surprised to see his face at my local H&M lol.
  5. awwww this topic! yay its finally pinned
  6. Happy Birthday Layla!!!! Hope that you have a greatttt Birthday today!! :D

  7. Pearl Harbor, couldn't stop crying in this one, especially at the end PS, I love you. is another one that made me cry buckets throughout the entire movie
  8. Malwee - Spring/Summer 2011/2012 Ph.: Zee Nunes
  9. Campaign Vila Romana - Spring/Summer 2011 Ph: Gui Paganini Campaign Vila Romana - Spring/Summer 2011 making of Ph: Gui Paganini thefashionspot
  10. UK Men's Health September 2010 'COMING UP TRUMPS' Ph: Luke Kirwan Styling: Olie Arnold Aquascutum F/W 10.11 thefashionspot
  11. FW 11/12 Carlos Campos F/W 11.12 New York Malan Breton F/W 11.12 New York Issey Miyake Men SS12 Paris Damir Doma SS12 Paris thefashionspot
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  13. Thanks haha, and yes add me on facebook! Its facebook.com/ammorealis :)

  14. Hey! I'm not busy anymore now! Graduated from secondary school finally!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and I really miss being here , will try to spend more time here soon.

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    trying not to puke after eating so much omg
  16. ahh I see I see. the sso thing is cool though :)

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    happy! because my Chinese GCSEs are over!
  18. ooh thats cool! I think I am the only one on this forum so far lol. Why do you come here every summer? curious curious :)

  19. Such a cute and beautiful baby, voted!
  20. Ph: Shannon Sinclair Stylist: Michelle Carimpong Hair: Caroline Prince Make-up: Junko Kioka Models: Mat Gordon & Stas Svetlichnyy, both at DNA Wardrobe: Patricia Field, Victor Osborne, Issey Miyake, TheTwentyTen, Rochambeau, General Idea, Buckler, Double RL, Loden Dager, Raf by Raf Simons and J Shoes [email protected]
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