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  1. Does anybody know what happened to Anja, and why she didn't have a bigger career? She was such a beautiful and appealing model, it's hard to understand why she wasn't better known.
  2. From VS Christmas 1990. The first is definitely her (and beautiful); the last I'm not 100% sure but I think so.
  3. VS Summer 1989. Love the first one especially.
  4. From Victoria's Secret Summer 1989:
  5. Thanks, @bigstar21! Most of these are new to me; all are great!
  6. From an early 90s VSC. Jill was the absolute queen of the cami-bra. And such a beautiful bright red color!
  7. I didn't know Donna, but I checked out her topic and she certainly looks like a plausible match! Her topic doesn't mention VS, but I did find the lovely below photo there, which I have seen before in random collections of VS pics, and I have always wondered who the model was. So looks like two IDs with one stone! Thanks!
  8. Going way back in time here, to the Spring Preview 1991 VSC. Does anybody have any ideas about who this stunning girl might be? Looks almost like a cross between Jill Goodacre and Monica Belluci. Definitely not the former; might be the latter
  9. @frenchkikito the "bad" list I'd add Rebecca Romijn, and to the "good" list Daniela Pestova.
  10. Who wore it better? (And why do they call it a "tulip cup", anyway?)
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