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  1. I love Frederique van der Wal for many reasons, but Jill is still the queen of VS for me.
  2. Wouldn't that be more convenient for you? Maybe it's because if the clasp is going to show through your blouse, it would be preferable for it to show through in the back rather than the front...
  3. VSC, Autumn Preview 1991, Gift Collection Spring 91
  4. The bikini one has been posted before, but this is a single-picture version. The other is obviously VS; judging by the hairstyle and look, the same era as the 1990 VSC pics I posted above.
  5. Headshot from a website for Empire West Studios. This appears to be the only picture they have of her.
  6. All other scans I've seen of this L.A. Style cover crop out her bust line on the bottom. Now why would you want to do that? She's mind-bogglingly beautiful. I'm sure newsstand sales of L.A. Style spiked that month. I know I bought it!
  7. Love seeing her earlier work; thanks!
  8. Anja in VSC Spring Preview 1996. Also with Stephanie and others.
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