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  1. I was in europe (London) for the first time last month! Hi old friend.

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    2. MattLoveModels


      Pretty well how are you, still in Belgium? I work in film/tv now so I guess you could say things worked out for me :laugh: How is BZ these days? Anyone still here?

    3. SympathysSilhouette


      Still working and living in Belgium yes. Still in IT. :smile:

      What is your job within the TV/movie industry, if you don't mind me asking? :smile:

      There are still a handful of the old regulars around, but not too many.

    4. MattLoveModels


      My newest roommate works in IT, he seems like a cool guy... haha

      I'm a camera assistant at the moment, I'm thinking about moving somewhere with my girlfriend though she's pretty international, and being freelance I have the freedom to move anywhere I want.


      The time capsule-ness of this site is overwhelming. So many cringe comments I've made in the past. It's funny to look at now. I basically grew up on this site, it's pretty remarkable.

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