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  1. Read my profile to find out ! Are you the most beautiful person in the world ?
  2. Yes I do actually and I don't like Lady Gaga either ! Are you a Nightowl ?
  3. Thank you very much Puma, I did not know that Susan Hayward had Swedish roots as for Michelle I thought she was all German/Austrian or Swiss
  4. Thank you Lovexoxoxo.

  5. Beautiful, thank you Fender !
  6. I have my answer, haven't I John
  7. I have to apologize to you, I said that I did not like your avi, but in fact (well I don't) I love Heide Lindgren, I have a little collection on her but just found out that it was actually her!!!! The only problem are the Freckles!

  8. I went through the thread but I couldn't remember if they were there I'm getting too old Yes, I use the search because I think it's nicer to give something new ! Even though I know you already have everything, it's good to contribute ... and I love Renee
  9. Yes love of mine, she gave birth to her baby the 29th of November 2010, it's a boy called Giuliano
  10. Oops yes I forgot, Thank you MissP and Hadj
  11. Oh my Kiki of Love is here :brows: no my love nothing important as far as I'm concerned
  12. End of it, write pms if you have something else to say, this is a not the place to do it, by the way, estelle has a big E doesn't it ? Nothing to say about Estelle. She is quite okay. My collection says everything No need to reply here, I won't come anymore to read your replies. So take my advice, if you have something further to talk about send a private message. Those froggies :x
  13. And they even made a film together I remember I was so happy when I saw them ! Just a little thing I did not understand one word and I don't know if it's out in English Do you ?
  14. You are welcome Fender I just hope it's not a repost, because I used the search topic but it did not give me anything, so if it is tell me MissP and I delete and replace them
  15. AAAhhh you both wanna kill me :shock: Thank you a hundred times MissP
  16. WARNING NIPPLES http://postimage.org/gallery/31rahp6yw/
  17. :shock: Good Lord you almost gave me a heart attack Red ! Thank you so much
  18. Harper's Bazaar US July 1987 my scans
  19. Does anyone know those their names ?
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