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  1. What happens when an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object? How often do you two create a thread proposing you create a new thread? Should Everyone be doing this? How does television work? (both the set itself and the way they manage to squeeze John Candy thru those tiny little wires every time uncle buck is played on TV1)
  2. <_< make the thread. let some questions pile up for you guys.
  3. stripping your way thru college?
  4. are you joking? whats so bad about starting it now?
  5. Kristen gets Punk'd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNXMdGcfyO0 omgs shes so cute *dies*
  6. (sorry) yes rhett, you are the most spineless person i know :|
  7. im confident you will get questions, most people love a good spam and hopefully some kind of humorous response. time to get on with it yo!
  8. *shrugs* why was there voting in the first case is the question that begs to be asked
  9. people that are too spineless to stand up even for themselves bug me. like a lot, its so weak.
  10. are you guys actually gonna create this thread or what?
  11. pfft shh we gotta let them work it out on thier own
  12. yeah franny however much you dont wanna, you should really be making the trip
  13. :| make it the first question you answer. and i expect research, diagrams and perhaps something with puppets.
  14. lets test you guys... What happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object?
  15. thats the first time ive seen it without any text, which is really great!
  16. whyyy oh god why wont anyone use my bold template.
  17. lazy since your here why dont you fill out zee form. Then you may continue spamming!
  18. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    THE TRAIL HAS STOPPED! <_< *ahem* i am mourning the end of the trail
  19. Lacey Chabert Daddy Day Care Eddie Murphy
  20. oh please i know you secretly want him to "translate" for you
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