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  1. ...Why did you can thebelgianhare???

  2. Ahh i love the new avatar alluska ^_^

  3. also, if you like i could send you an invite to tfs :) allus6ka was kind enough to send me one a while ago ^_^

  4. Bel, how did you get banned?? :( that sucks!!!

  5. Boy you are my last visitor O_O

    haha have a nice day

  6. Cheers Layla! Love u!

  7. Daria Morgenbowy!!

  8. DUDE your sig freaking confused me!! LOL

  9. For me, Coco was the opposite; i always thought she was so chic and such a modern beauty but when i saw her interviews and read her blog i thought her head was stuck so far up her own ass that its too late to save it.

  10. Gorgeous i know right?! Her name is Samantha Harris- she's an Australian model half Aboriginal half German <3

    i saw her in Harp.Bazaar here in australia a while ago - heres the spread http://i42.tinypic.com/2itmrdd.jpg

    it's one of my fav pictures ever :)

  11. Grats on your new mod-status!

  12. Happy birthday!


  14. Happy New Year Limers... can you believe it's 2011??

  15. Happy New Year LMS! Love you!

  16. azure

    Happy new year M, i miss you!

  17. Happy new year to you too! Enjoy your holidays Red :)

  18. HAYYYYYY lol, i was about to ask you to help me with a GIF but then i realized my WMM is screwed and i needed more time XD

  19. azure

    heh..this time i know that's Matt ;)

    Have a nice day <3

  20. azure

    hehe i like german short-films lmao - on the channel i watch them on provides subs :D oh i watched sommer sturm the other day - quite enjoyable :P

  21. Hello how are you? Happy new year :)

  22. azure

    Hello! im good thanks, you? The person in my photograph is Sharbat Gula; shes not a celebrity or model. Her face is famous for being on the cover of the National Geographic like 20 years ago and is the magazines most recognised image. When the photo was taken she was only 13 years old and they did not know her name; they just took her pic because people rarely get to photograph afghani women c

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