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  1. omg..... your carmen avvy.... i am speechles.

    hugs to you, mein schwester!!!


  2. dont sweat it, love!!! while i was for one second wondering if i had offended you lololol, youre like me in that regard...but i certainly didnt take it personally.left your cash at the machine, eh??hope you got it back...... or kicked the arse of whoever you thought took it *devil horns popping out*

    kisses to you, sexy bitc

  3. ive come by to say hello again.if you ignore me this time, ill have to do something desperate... desperate and kinky

    :ninja: lololol


    hows the sexiest bitch in paris doing??

  4. joelicious, just thought of you..i found a pair of earrings on the net that are made with squirrel feet. its grotesque and awesome at the same time. when i find the pic.... ill send it to u. hows tricks, young man??



  5. aaahhh, now You're the one with the most epic siggy... well played, young man, well played


  6. lololol!!

    yes yes.. you now know where to bring the dark sexy strange shit. in the words of the beautiful sam cooke, 'bring it on home to me'


  7. nothing is EVER TOO MUCH!!!! i looovveee those freaking pics!!!

    thanks for posting!!!


  8. i see you baby, shakin that asssssss



  9. oops, i wrote too much... i said kisses, hugz and all that good shit <333333



  10. Melllllllllllll, my schwester.....ive been lurking on tfs, and been seeing your posts. have i told you im a member there? i cant bring myself to post there.i find most posts on that forum creepy and neurotic as fuck.im afraid if i say something...ill tell peopl,e about themselves :evil: lololololol

    im glad youre doing well, honey-bun... and hope to chat w/ u soon

    kisses, hugs and all tha

  11. Def. call me mama penny, it gives me a lady boner rofl rofl



  12. hehehe.. im LOVING your louie c.k. quote, big time <3

  13. hehehe.. cuz im mama penny.... a mama that thinks bad things about her kiddies :D *slurp* lolololol!!!!


  14. hah!! do you remember ever saying, 'ugg boots are for whores'??

  15. i blame you, Boku... i blame you

    :ninja: lololololololol

  16. dude, a few months ago i saw an abso. stunning girl in a parking lot... was gazing at her, all awestruck-like.. and then i saw her from head to toe... and she was wearing uggs. my first thought toward this lovely creature was, 'WHORE'

  17. can u believe how chicago screwed shit up in a minute and forty five seconds???

    jeeezzz, those fuckers made my blood pressure go up EXPONENTIALLY

  18. hey guuurrrlllll, just came by to chat u up



  19. visited y0our thread just now, and am so overwhelmed with the infighting that i had nothing to add. jeeeeezzzzz


    whats all this fucking fucknuttery!

  20. and uh.. geezz. could u be any more gorgeous??

  21. i love your tara set!!!! said it before, ill say it again, thats one fine-ass chubby girl :wub:

    how you livin, dear??


  22. your avatar and sig are killin it!! have you ever seen 'the dreamers'? 2 hours of pure eva incredible-ness.

    hows tricks??


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