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  1. Hello!! I remember you surely! I have been gone long time.haha

  2. Lol,you looked amazing though :0 Me model? ahah no way,it's def not for me heh you can be the model for my new business.you get to be in the logo :P

  3. Hey sounds like a cool day. You're a photographer? :o...or a model? I just checked out your site,wow your so beautiful. Sorry I feel so stupid for asking. lol

  4. Doing great thanks! :D How have you been?

  5. *nods* she's very pretty you have great taste in women. Too bad I can't say the same for your taste in men...bwhahahahaahah

  6. Hehe I've been er elsewhere. I'm suprised you still remember my real name.lol anywho thanks for replying :D

  7. Yukina Kinoshita

    you'll find her on youtube :)

  8. Hey persuazn *waves*

    Erm who's the pretty girl in your avatar? I'm really curious.

  9. nope :( we don't she's still pretty new.

  10. And about the Gazette. I'm actually not too sure which single I like best...but I know for a fact that I like Aoi he's so beautiful.

  11. Hey.

    Sorry for the late reply..I've been doing great thanks.Have you heard of a Japanese model called Yukina Kinoshita? she's sooooooooooooo hot.lol

  12. No,you'redef not the only one here who likes them. Who's your fave band member? I think Toshiya and Shinya are sooo pretty/hot. lol

    I had no idea you were into visual kei,what other bands do you like?

  13. Yes ^_^. I'm planning on going to their concert on the 2nd of August in London. Why do you ask? It's be cool if you went too.lol

  14. Me miss Barry.wah.I know you'll never come back..but I wish you would..*sob*

  15. Good thanks,apart from the fact that I think I have an eating disorder *graps* ....hey any new models that you can recommend me?


  16. Hey!

    Sorry I havent been here for ages...Im here now! since Im really missing beauty I need it ..lol so I have no choice but to visit BZ

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