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  1. i actually thought he was a girl before i enlarge the pictures Yeah.... your are right! He looks like one! Not very attractive if you ask me...
  3. NEW YORK ANA BEATRIZ The 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Unveiling Party. Held at Crobar, New York City, NY. Picture shows: Ana Beatriz Barros.14TH FEBRUARY 2006
  4. Hi, I have found these on Bulls press MODEL ANA BEATRIZ BARROS *** EXCLUSIVE *** SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, 16TH JUNE 2007 The new boyfriend of Sienna Miller cheats her with another woman. JAMIE BURKE, leader of the US Rock band BLOODY SOCIAL, begun a romance with Sienna Miller that made his band mates to complain because the media only spokeof him because of this relationship with the British actress. It seemed all was sweet for this new couple, and they were spotted together in NY, during some days off the actress took while filming The Best Time of Our Lives. Last week Jamie Burke was hunted by the camera in Sao Paulo, clubbing and kissing the Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros inside the Disco Boate.
  5. Thank you Alisa! She looks just beautiful for Rosa Cha! Wish there where pics of the making of the campaign.
  6. Actually I like her for not having chosen VS, also it's bad for us, because we get less pictures of her. But I like that she did go her own way, and the VS clothes/lingerie are ugly (in my opinion). Their shows somehow seem way over the top. Intimissimi has so much more style. Sometimes VS makes their girls look really unnatural, f.ex. with the bronzing promotion. Their skin looked horrible, glowing like fake gold/brown. I also adore the fact, that Ana doesn't want to be exposed all the time and be in the center of attention. She is trying to give her best, concerning work, but I don't think she graves for attention as much as others. Lovely! It makes her so likeable.
  7. Don't understand this coment?
  8. Hi are you talking about the editorial from Daslu thats already been posted?
  9. My guess: 1-Ana Claudia Michel 3- Raica 6- Miranda 7- Ana 8- Adriana 10-Alessandra 11- Isabeli 14 Laetitia Casta 15 or 19 Fernanda Tavares? ...so difficult...I don't have a clue.
  10. Yes, I know what you mean. She used to go out a lot and we alwayds had candies of her at events or parties. I miss that too. Yep, is that. I was thinking... she doesn't show up in events, don't do runways... what she does all her free time? How no one have pics of her going out? - I have no idea what she is doing in her freetime. Maybe just what normal people do, walking in Central Park, doing some shopping, meeting with her boyfriend, going out for diner, going to the gym.... She isnt that well-known like lets say Brad Pitt, so if she doesnt go to a public event, maybe noone recognizes her?
  11. She looks so much older than her age on every picture! Somehow she is beautiful, and somehow she is not. I don't know.
  12. Ana ... I have some mixed feelings about. She very obviously has gained a lot of weight.. very bottom heavy, and not to throw the P word around, but in several pictures she looked pregnant!.. however.. the pics with her in the tops {plum/brown} were stunning. Fav pic this year! ...No way does Ana look pregnant! She 's beautiful like always. I like her tousled hair...but I don't like the topic of the shoot. Everything is so "brown" and the atmosphere seems pretty triste, (sad) with all the brown colour...and it also seems like it was very cold in Nicaragua....think the boots are ridiculous....with the biquini. I prefer every other SI shoot Ana has done. Disappointing! But the editor's fault!
  13. I really don't find James Rousseau or Helly Nahmad especially good-looking. I apologiese my rude language, but I consider them both fugly. <_< ....I thought the same! At least when it comes to Helly. He isn't quite good looking...
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