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  1. Love the dress! Love the hair! Love the makeup! She is goddess.
  2. Finally in HQ! Thanks a lot
  3. Congatulations to my absolutly favourite model and actor!! Beautiful name!
  4. She got statue in Madame Tussaud in Shanghai
  5. Romee always beautiful, but here I like Stella too.
  6. IRINA FOR FRONT ROW!!! I will miss her in Met ball and Cannes also. We saw pregnant women there, but I'm sure she will not attend there also.
  7. Today will be Versace show. I will miss her so so much
  8. Yeeeeees! She was the best in the 3rd day. Love her new hair.
  9. HQ - only one, but she is perfect
  10. HQ from gotceleb
  11. Can't wait for HQs from VIBES!
  12. Terrible! I will never understand why is she in the magazin.
  13. Fantastic! Love it!
  14. I don't like Barbara, but she was so beautiful! Love her dress!
  15. She was absolutly stunning last night! Her stylist, Jeff is a genius.