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  1. I think she became more muscular after leaving VS, because in that time muscular body wasn't "the thing" for VS, it was about sexiness
  2. more from CFDA
  3. Unpopular opinion: love the color and the length of her hair and i would show my bra(if i have bra like this) with open shirt. I love they're trying new stuff,but i hope they will not try to make the clothing line a thing, again 🤞🏼
  4. What i have to explain? I just found this photo in tumblr and i'm just asking.
  5. is this picture real?
  6. VS Summer Campaign, 2017 not sure if they're new
  7. 2017 Covers
  8. This girl just know how to sell and we love her.
  9. more pics of Doutzen with the strawberry blonde/brown hair pleaaaase
  10. Adri does not have big boobs at all. Josephine, Kelly Gale and Lais have the biggest boobs.
  11. for Lui magazine December 2016 I LOVE HER, she's so good and has such a unique features