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I'm not obsessed with the top of her dress (is it a dress?); I wish it wasn't as loose, but she looks spectacular as always. I'm pretty sure she is aging backwards, like she is actually an IRL Benjamin Button. That cat-eye is fierce :PinkCouture2:

Yes, the top is Lover and the skirt is Donna Karan, I think. I like the outfit. It was very classy and Victoria Beckham-ish.

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MQ's from London, she closeups of her face make me want to shoot myself a little IDK how she does it but bitch has the most flawless sking I've ever seen


E13868835662402299_27.jpg E13868835662402299_28.jpg E13868835662402299_29.jpg E13868835662402299_30.jpg E13868835662402299_31.jpg E13868835662402299_32.jpg E13868835662402299_33.jpg E13868835662402299_34.jpg E13868835662402299_35.jpg E13868835662402299_36.jpg E13868835662402299_37.jpg E13868835662402299_38.jpg E13868835662402299_39.jpg E13868835662402299_40.jpg E13868835662402299_41.jpg E13868835662402299_42.jpg E13868835662402299_43.jpg E13868835662402299_44.jpg E13868835662402299_45.jpg E13868835662402299_46.jpg E13868835662402299_47.jpg E13868835662402299_48.jpg E13868835662402299_49.jpg E13868835662402299_50.jpg 




Working on getting them in HQ but they're FilmMagic and that agency is a pain in the ass so don't hold your breaths.

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