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its hot as a mofo here too

92 tomorrow and 98 on Monday :o

The problem on the east coast is not the heat. THE HUMIDITY SUCKS ASS!!! :whistle: The West Coast does get hot, especially where I live(SFV), but most of the time, its a DRY HEAT!!! :) So, as long as you use air conditioning, or maybe jump in the pool, ya I-ight. However, on the east coast or in the midwest, you're gonna get wet, one way or the OTHER!!! :yuckky:

P.S. "Sugar" Shane Mosley beat Fernando Vargas LAST NIGHT!!! :thumbsup: :hell yea!: :ddr:

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Last night, I went to my 1st ever RED HOT CHILI PEPPER CONCERT!!!! :hell yea!: :dance: :ddr: :atoobie: You were right, Francesca, I had an INSANE TIME!!! They started of with "DANI CALIFORNIA"!!! :clap: They, of course played all the hits, but they did like 10 of 12 songs off their last album "Stadium Arcadium". They closed the show with "UNDER THE BRIDGE"!!! :yes: That one they had to play. Not only is it their biggest hit, it's a song about L.A. Every member of the Chili Peppers grew up in Los Angeles, and many of their songs about Southern California, or California as a whole. Shit I can use this post to revive the West Coast thread. Like I mentioned before, all the RHCP members grew up and still live in L.A.


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I'm living in the westside of Israel, is that counts? :laugh:

Well, this thread is mostly for West Coasters and for people who love the West Coast. So, the answer would be no. But if you want to be down with us. we welcome you. Like big Snoop Dogg said "You can be from East, and still get some love". :hug: Anyway, about 2 weeks ago. me and my fam took a little trip up to Monterrey and Carmel. Me and the fam had fun checking out the Monterrey Aquarium. I was me and my little niece's first time. We made stops along the coast going up there and coming back. We even stopped to look at the the Elephant Seals that frequent this one beach. I remember at one of our stops, saying "Man, we got entertainment if you want, we have snow at certains time of the year, and we have beautiful beaches. Those are the reason why California is THE BEST STATE IN WHICH TO LIVE. :yes:


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