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  1. {name}

    I remember your avi, classic :D

    Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. {name}


    Yes lakers won there division yesterday , so if they lose all games they still have a playoff spot but i hope it wont come down to that. Bron is going for 4 straight triple doubles which is crazy, but im not to fond of the way he is getting them.
  3. {name}


    OMG t.o. got cut i thought jones was all up on his sack wow i wonder who he will go to.
  4. {name}


    Yea i meant scott and tj going to seattle to be closer to home and cutler acting like a baby
  5. {name}


    Tim duncan is good but so damn boring his nickname the big funamental i mean come on but he owns all pf's in the league and ugh damn lakers on a 2 game losing streak only kobe and gasol came to play vs phx and vs denver bench only had 5 points.
  6. {name}


    No talk about the sigings hayneswerth worth 100 million?? 45 guarenteed matt cassell on the chiefs brian dawkins a bronco terdell suggs a jet i know i missing more but idk
  7. {name}

    One Tree Hill

    OMG did any1 see the last ep wow such a good episode
  8. {name}

    One Tree Hill

    This new season has been pretty bland.
  9. {name}

    Watching right now

    just finished watching ugly betty with my sis.
  10. {name}


    nice quad post and my gosh the raiders just blew that game they had it the whole game till the last 2 drives i hate losing like that and the chargers are coming next week after they shat on the jets.
  11. {name}


    Yea dodgers are tearing it up right now manny is so sick
  12. {name}

    One Tree Hill

    yea i also would like to know how her son died. and im pretty sure her mom has something to do with the robbing but why is she acting all wierd those are times when u go to your friends u know.
  13. {name}


    man that game was good today but wtf was jackson doing lol gosh i wanted the eagles to win.
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