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I didn't see a California or a West Coast thread here, so I started on right here. Post here if you from SoCal NorCal, Oregon, Washington, or have a connection to any places mentioned above. So, I'll start first.

I come from the scandalous, Los Angeles, San Fernando Val, Southern Cal, 818 the TRIPPEST!!! :yes:

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woot, my cell phone is still 818....818 baby....i was raised in Northridge but grew up in Hollywood and moved back to Northridge for High School.....I may live in Arizona but La is in my heart and hope to go back.

I spent some time in Northridge as well. Lived there for 2 years. Even though I went to High School in Reseda, I was mostly raised in Van Nuys so I claim that as my hometown.

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Regardless, it's still WESTSIDE, the BEST SIDE. :yes:




:no: WESTSIDE is the BESTSIDE!!! :yes: My pops is from Baltimore, and he spent some time in the Englewood of Jersey before he came out west. He recently been back south, and he hates it!!! :angry: He can't wait to get back to Phoenix, and will eventually make his way back to CA. ;) Not to mention, the majority of people on the West Coast are from somewhere else, I just happen to be a native.

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