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Roberto Carlos Out Again, But Torres To Return

Roberto Carlos celebrated his birthday by picking up a new injury that forced him to miss training and now casts a doubt over his fitness for the game against Racing this weekend.

The Brazilian full-back was 34 on Tuesday, but instead of enjoying his return to the team he was forced to undergo treatment for a recurrence of tendonitis in his right ankle.

Having made only four appearances since the start of the New Year, Carlos was hoping to earn a regular place in the Madrid side before he leaves the club in the summer.

Having already spent three different stints on the sidelines due to calf injuries this season, the last one coming in the game against Bayern Munich in Germany, the former Inter defender now faces another brief lay-off.

An injury to Miguel Torres provoked coach Fabio Capello to bring Carlos back into the Madrid team, but the move has now backfired.

"The player has tendonitis in his Achilles heel and will undergo some light work in the swimming pool and physiotherapy," the club's medical team reported.

There was good news for Torres, however, after tests revealed that he has not torn the calf muscle in his left leg.

"I am pleased now that I know the results," the Madrid youngster said. "It is only swollen and there is no break in the muscle."

Torres should now be available to be named in the squad for Madrid's trip to Santander on Saturday.

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Beckham: Sprained internal lateral ligament of the right knee. Gym and field work.

Raúl Bravo: Strained quadriceps of the right leg. Medical treatment and physiotherapy. Gym and field work.

Roberto Carlos: Tendinosis on the Achilles tendon of the right leg. Medical treatment and physiotherapy. Gym and field work.

Miguel Torres: Edema on the internal calf muscle of the left leg. Medical treatment and physiotherapy. Rejoined squad.

Van Nistelrooy: Strained psoas muscle of the right leg. Medical treatment and physiotherapy. Gym and pool work.

Emerson: Sick with Flu. Gym work.

Higuaín: Sprained right ankle. Medical treatment and physiotherapy. Pool work.

Cannavaro: Sick with gastroenteritis. Special diet and rest.

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