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What do you think is important in a model?


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A unique look isn't as important as a unique personality. For me Sasha and Vlada and Snejana aren't really unique. They're just not pretty and unconventional looking (actually Vlada is cute). I'd much rather look at unoriginal Doutzen in clothes than them. Unique is Gemma and Lily because they have amazing editorials and they really know how to carry themselves. Sahsa looks horrible in runway clothes imo. I never enjoy looking at her in anything, even if it is a nice outfit, her face and body just ruin it for me. We should def. have more pretty models like Doutzen. And then there are models that are pretty and unique and sexy like Jeisa. Jeisa is perfect.

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She's not my absolute favorite but Eugenia is a great model. She has a unique look yet classic beaty at the same time. We need moe models like that. Plus she's very professional, elegant, and has something aristocratic about her. Hana is very professional aswell. I like Eugenia better though. She's more striking to me.

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All a model needs is to be tall enough, photoghenic and slim :D frankly, nothing more, because every model, if she´s beautiful or weir, edgy or special, awesome, skinny, curvy, great or none personality...there are always people who like her, or love her, admire...you know :D It´s a matter of taste :D

for me, let me see...I´m seeking some kind of special beauty, something that strikes me...and a great deal of personality too :D Gisele has it all for me, Alessandra, Daria :heart: - she´s SO beautiful that I can´t perceive it...have you seen her naturally?? She´s just...unbelievable!! Eugenia, Doutzen, Miranda, Selita too...Natalia, Tyra, Heidi, Kate, Milla, I could go on and on... :D

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you said it...it's a matter of taste (Y)

ninanina19- I think Doutzen has a dumb look and I don't enjoy watching her... :ninja:

That's okay. She's not an ideal model to me either but I like her because atleast she's sexy and womanly. I'm tired of girls like Stam and Sasha and so on. They have like one or two good editorials in which several of the poses are very unmodel-like and they're a hit. Honestly they're lucky models like Gemma paved the way for their weird look success.

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ability to sell yourself

a genetic freak...and confidence....which usualy comes with.

a good agent

and photogenic

....well that was in the good old days.

now though.

step one...eat nothing

step two...look freaky...unlike any other freak (it helps if you pretend your eyes are about to pop right out)

step three...have zero personality in front of the camera or on the runway (only have it when your at a castig)

step four....eat even less and dont forget to NOT work out because that gives you muscle tone :o

step five....pray to god that Angelina Jolie doesn't take your place in editorials or ads.

step six...suck up to ana wintour like a baby cow looking for milk (as she decides who is beautiful and successful)

step seven....STOP EATING FATTY!

step eight...avoid the sun as it might bring life to your face

step nine ...look bored a lot.

step ten...eat just enough to stay below the radar.

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Gemma wasn't just "lucky" you know... :trout:

I don't think Gemma is lucky. I love Gemma!!! She's my close number 2 right behind Jeisa. She was unique and she was a great model, the other copies of her are horrible. They're just lucky she's so great is what I meant. The difference with Gemma and these other clone alien models is she does have personality and her editorials stand out. She can transform herself into anything. The clone models just try to look as weird as possible and they get work. I yawn at their editorials.

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