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Renee Simonsen


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cover german Brigitte 4. May 1988 #10 by Marc Hispard


Do you think she is Renée?

NO do you Miss P???

Thanks for telling, markymark. :heart:

No, I don´t think she´s Renée. I wanted to wait with telling my opinion after others have said what they think about. But seems there won´t be more who tell. I´ve seen this photo several times in ELLE magazines and never was sure. So this cover in big size was a good one to ask what others think about.

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From the book "Førstehjælp til fantasien" by TinaDalbøge, 19. June 2011



Do you got the book???

We have it at work it is a inspirations book :laugh:

No, markymark. Unfortunately I don´t have it. I miss it in my collection. This was only a net found.

I do not know how much the book cost

I can try to find out

but there is only 2 pages with Renee

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This is my first time, so, you know . . . be gentle!

I used one of Renee's magazine ads as a source for one of a series of paintings that I did back in 1985-86 and I was looking for a good quality picture of that ad on Google, and I found this site. I found the ad and grabbed it and have now used it for my avatar for now. I am actually a 63 year old man with a paunch and a chrome dome. I want to get a feel for the site before I expose to much of myself, though. I have been cutting up magazines for years and filing them into categories in file folders but sometimes felt that was a bit of odd behavior for a grown man to be doing, but I feel right at home here. I'm laughing to myself a bit about that.

I have gone through all the Simonsen pages. (That's strange; I just got a spell check red underline on "Simonsen" on this page of all places. Is there anything like a "global" site dictionary that could "learn" the proper spellings of the various models that might be mentioned from time to time here.--NOTE TO THE WEB MASTER)

Anyway, Thank all of you for your many scans and posts, most of them are great quality and one of the more recent ones was so big and smooth I don't have any idea how they did that even. She sure has a lot of looks and different happy faces. I didn't know if it was appropriate to post the painting I did of her here or not. It's not bad. I like it so much I have it hanging high on the wall over my computer, so I can be looking at it most of the time--day or night. And I have it on my phone's main page as a background there, too. What the heck, I am just going to go ahead and try to attach it now and, PLEASE let me know if it is not in character for this site or whatever.


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