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  1. I watched Justice League and Doutzen was very good in the scenes she had in it, especially the one where she throws one of the "boxes" to Wonder Woman. Her face showed the exact emotion. She should try a serious acting career.
  2. Thank you so much, kimflorida! It is her indeed!
  3. Hello everyone! I wonder if you can help me iD this model who is all over the Reserved fashion website. Thanks in advance. clo_fashion
  4. Thank you fuguette! She does have an amazing Michelle Pfeiffer look! And I found out the brunette is Magdalena Chachlica!
  5. Hello everyone! I was wondering if you can help me ID these two models. Thanks in advance! clo_fashion 💗
  6. I managed to identify the blonde model. Her name is Sabine Glud and she is with Lemanagement and The Hive.
  7. Hello everyone, Here I am again with a few more models for Id. This time all the faces look familiar but I can't put a name to them. I'm sorry I can't arrange the pics in a better way. Thanks in advance! Happy Holidays!
  8. Answering my own question: Her name is Sara Van der Hoek and she is Dutch.
  9. Hello! Does anyone know the name of this model? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello again! Can anyone help me identify this H&M model? Thanks in advance.
  11. Grace has one of the most beautiful faces in the current fashion business.
  12. Answering my own question, I found out that all I have to do is change the width number. So, thanks to me!
  13. Hi! Does anyone know how I can make new images on Anthropologie website high resolution? I have tried but to no avail. Thanks in advance.
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