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Renee Simonsen


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contents + "AH! LES MAILLOTS" - french ELLE 13. June 1983 #1983 by Gilles Bensimon


post-21846-1309007197_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309007357_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309007581_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309007728_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309007882_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309008038_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309008195_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309008347_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309008503_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309008651_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309008797_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309008952_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309009107_thumb.jpg post-21846-1309009269_thumb.jpg

also showing Kathy Ireland

:wave: hi missparker

Long ago I stopped Bellazon - but just want to thank for the pictures you posted

- request from me - I love Renee and her amazing beautiful face, thank you so much

Love from Miss

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Welcome back,dear MissP! :hug:

Thanks so much fender :heart: , but fear this is a short performance only.

Photo with John Taylor taken by Alan Davidson. Anyone knows at what event this had been taken?


...unfortunately i can't help you for the picture :idk:

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