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Hey! I never visited Mona's thread before, I mean, I saw first 8 pages some time ago. But when I saw this H&M mag (I have it!!) I was like: "Wow, it's Mona! She looks the best!" and now I think I will visit this thread more often....

Miss, I don't know if it's a repost, but I was going to write now that she got this Hilfiger campaign :p

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I know I sound like a broken record with this but please try to label your posts with as much info as possible. :flower: The Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming ad for example could have easily been labeled as such. It's obviously not a rule and I can't force you guys to do it but it does make searching for things a lot easier. And I'd love you more for it :p Thanks :flower:

Layla90 -- if you'd like to know what campaigns Mona has this season, you can go to MonaJ.net and check on the side. Meghan and I have listed her campaigns there :flower:

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