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ehehe i was a real couch potato, this is my childhood

thundercats, tigersharks, he-man, GIJoe, voltron, transformers, muppet show, ninja turtles, pink panther,beetlejuice, darkwing duck, flintstones, jetsons, denver the last dinosaur, chipmunks, ghostbusters, richie rich, smurfs, garfield, heathcliff

charles in charge, perfect strangers, macgyver, A team, knight rider, airwolf, white shadow, miami vice, magnum pi, cosby, quantum leap, mission impossible, ALF, who's the boss, fresh prince of belair, beverlyhills 90210, acapulco heat, moonlighting

and many others i dont remember right now

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of course x-men and spiderman. and also dragonball iloved ehehe :laugh:

there were some soccer cartoons but i cant remember the names, all i can remember is the leading characters' names. first is tsubasa.(there is a great goal keeper named wakabayashi or somethin like that who was tsubasa's rival.)

second is benjamin(benjamin is japanese but story takes place in italy theres a british trainer, sir something and i think in first episode this trainer make benjamin chase and catch a chicken. there is also a rival named cesar or something like that, has a strange shot called magnum shot),

third one is sean (has blue hair, his bro is paralyzed and used to be a player...)

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