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  1. colorado i just got back and had a freaking blast everyone out there made me feel like they had known me forever. i was haning with my cousin and his friends basically became my friends in like a day. and the ladies are beautiful too
  2. is sticking out their tounge at vodka lenin..., or just newbs in general
  3. the mascot

    I Am...

    done with High School graduated on Fri the 24 had my grad party on the 26 best weekend of my life, still trying to recover
  4. has a good quote in his sig Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build monuments of nothingness, and those who specialize in them are seldom good at anything else.
  5. done with being a student till august for now i am a pizza shop employee and a hardcore soccer player/lawn mower
  6. happy bday Greedy Grandpa have a good one man
  7. bumping with ya hiro EAST COAST
  8. yes, happy bday +LovinAnthony+ have a good one
  9. the mascot

    I Am...

    done with my first 11 hour shift at work, where i didnt sit down at all
  10. thats awesome don, let them have it. i think we would kick their ass in an intercoastal gang war
  11. theres also a show like that on comedy central, not quite as extreme as that, called "Trigger Happy TV". basically, they do stupid stuff to pedestrians and passerby. i like it a lot
  12. yea, what blurdk said happy belated birthday
  13. is telling SiO what an avatar is
  14. a steak quesodilla that i made at work
  15. the meaning of life is to be happy with who you are
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