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Ok guys/gals, I need your opinions on some Models/Actresses, it's for a little side project I'm working on. Every other day I'll put up one pic of someone, and if you can please let me know your thoughts on said person, and if they are Hot or Not. Please use a ranking between 1 and 10.. I really appreciate the help, thanks Guys! *huggles*

1: Fugly, Visually challenging ect

10: Uber Hottie

Here's the first gal.. Her name is Olga Kurylenko


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^ I think we could agree four is a little low. I don't think what separates her from the ugliest woman in the world is only 3 points, but this brings a question: what kind of scale is this based on - a model scale or just general scale. On a model scale I would say 4 is about right, but on a general scale I will go with an 8.

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Beautiful eyebrows and eyes (though I agree that they get a little too thick near the middle in that picture), gorgeous lips and everything appears to be in proportion, but her chin/jawline annoys me for some reason. So I give her an 8.

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