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Sweet 32 - Worst of Edition


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Several words come to mind when I think about the following woman you are about to vote on.

Annoying/Irritating: Of one who can be tiresome to deal with. To be bothersome to the point of exhaustion.

Fugly: Short for FUCKING UGLY

Grodius: extremely gross; when something is almost too unappealing for words

And or...

Skanky: A dirty Ho

Now, I understand some of you may be huge fans of these models/actresses and that's awesome. As they say, "To each his own" right? .... But for me, I simply cannot stand them for whatever reason. You job should you choose to except it is to vote on the person you FIND THEE MOST ANNOYING/FUGLY/IRRITATING (ect), NOT the one you like the best.

Rounds will break down as follows: Sweet 32, Sweet 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-Finals & Final

A HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you to Nem for the idea. :wave: :wub:

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You guys have a thread dedicated to the most annoying angel, I think this falls under the same category. And have you been to any of these threads lately. Ppl express their opinions for and against models all the time and ppl don't give a shit.

And I'm not sure why you guys would nominate ppl I can't stand? lol

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image2xq6.jpg image3be4.jpg

Freja Beha Erichsen VS Stacy Ferguson

Now remember, vote for the one you find the least appealing either because you cant stand the public persona they put out, or maybe you just think they are super fugly, or maybe a little annoying.

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lol sorry I just find nothing remotely appealing about her. She kinda looks like a crackhead I know mixed with Aileen Wuornos serial killer.


*hides*.. Sorry! I just.. no, don't find her attractive.. She kinda scares me a little.

But it's awesome you like her! Kuddos! :hug:

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