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What is their name please!!!

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Her name? 

1. Ardene Model 1 2103303352_ArdeneModel1.thumb.jpg.1b4bc1463bc342110f10f6660b67fb9e.jpg 

2. Koral Model 2    1522421224_KoralModel2.thumb.jpg.d5ebfc35386de9dec92cf53aa331fc22.jpg

3. Koral Model 3    1671211851_KoralModel3.thumb.jpg.34d7318b2c4138b72fa135247a91f803.jpg

4. Koral Model 4    698905989_KoralModel4.thumb.jpg.1010a01d212dd6faa653d069db218e9f.jpg

5. Lole Model 5     885061617_LoleModel5.thumb.jpg.75f4a6cf4852280d58898214e34d4f53.jpg

6. Lole Model 6    1129613216_LoleModel6.thumb.jpg.1cd7e42524dd81d8630906112b8da3f1.jpg

7. Garage Clothing Model 7 578893245_GarageClothingModel7.thumb.jpg.d1c47b302b1955ebf06b324fc0220de8.jpg

8. Garage Clothing Model 8  861917328_GarageClothingModel8.thumb.jpg.b6af2ffa5482fb7e63dd5adc6b934038.jpg

9. Garage Clothing Model 9  1979753842_GarageClothingModel9.thumb.jpg.a6c0bcc6edf34b697d19b9b54330f5bc.jpg

10. Garage Clothing Model 10  1463883554_GarageClothingModel10.thumb.jpg.aeafc9f2e982dd44c601471fc1d85f0a.jpg

11. Garage Clothing Model 11  1539596392_GarageClothingModel11.thumb.jpg.06138dcc41a9bd1fe26f337c81b9260d.jpg

12. BlackMilkClothing Model 12  BlackMilkClothing Model 13.bmp

13. BlackMilkClothing Model 13 BlackMilkClothing Model 13.bmp

14. Lululemon Model 14  582439787_LululemonModel14.thumb.jpg.c2409cb3d1ee4d59007f1543b12df6f7.jpg

15. Lululemon Model 15  1732675879_LululemonModel15.thumb.jpg.3e7292cbcdea65780f93c0d8f6cce5dd.jpg

16. Terez Model 16  674371749_TerezModel16.thumb.jpg.7d9862f1668b294922b15ba9c33b60d5.jpg

BlackMilkClothing Model 12.bmp

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I assumed that it was Celeste because she has modeled for Garage (turns out that photo is actually from Ardene, but whatever), but you're right, it's definitely not her. They do look similar at first glance, probably more because of the make-up than anything else.

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