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What's the big deal with Adriana Lima, Ana Beatriz Barroz..


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I don´t understand why do you like these girls, are very :cry: beauty(I don´t wanna say ugly because everybody kill me :cry: )

Adriana has structure face weird and her sight is lose :/ ..If thas is beauty for us, Gisele Bundchen has a big nose ...what crazy and rare part live us!

Remember that we know only a part of this world , lucky these girls do not represent the all world, is a true obsessión which you have with adriana lima..and other brazilians girls..

I hope don´t angry with me for this, is just my opinion. :)

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Everyone has their own personal tastes, so I can't really say you're wrong or get angry with you, but Adriana is perfection in my eyes.

She's beautiful. She's sexy and cute all at the same time. She's got amazing eyes and the look in them is so sensual.

She could melt steel at a hundred paces :laugh:

Despite the fact that she's represents only .02% of the world that is tall, thin and curvy, which I don't really see as a bad thing to be.


But like I said, personal tastes.

I think she's gorgeous. :wub: :wub: :wub:

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