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Gise in Cannes!!! for PIRELLI CALENDAR 2006 !!!!!!


The caption says: SOCIAL CLIMBER

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen steps it up in Cannes, France, during a photo shoot on Tuesday. The supermodel also showed off her athleticism by performing high-flying poses dangling from rings and a trapeze.

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SARAH JESSICA PARKER, JENNIFER GARNER and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO have channeled their inner artist for a good cause. The stars donated finger paintings they did for a celebrity art auction called "Hollywood's Helping Hands" fundraiser Thursday night, which raises money and awareness about epilepsy.

"Alias" star GREG GRUNBERG, whose own 8-year-old son JAKE suffers from the affliction, originated the idea, hosted the event and told our JANN CARL that the support has been unbelievable: "No one has said no. And we're talking about every athlete, every musician you can imagine."

Jann also has a special connection to the cause, as her son has epilepsy as well.

Other stars who contributed include SYLVESTER STALLONE, TERI HATCHER, who created a mermaid painting, DONALD TRUMP and GISELE BUNDCHEN -- who painted a pic of her beau Leonardo!

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JOHN CASABLANCAS, the Elite model mogul, has plenty of imagination when it comes to talking about his former clients. Having once written off Heidi Klum as a "talentless German sausage" he has also referred to Gisele Bundchen as a "monster of selfishness". And now the Brazilian supermodel is under fire again. She is, he tells Complex magazine, "the most beautiful model today"

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Dress code, October 6

Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA

... her contract with Blackglama, a mink label. Martha Stewart and model Gisele Bundchen also have recently renounced the use of fur.

----------- o -------------

DIAMONDS are a girl's chest friend for Brazilian beauty Gisele ...

Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow,Scotland,UK

The 25-year-old supermodel has been chosen to wear this year's Victoria's Secret fantasy bra, a multi-million-dollar, jewel-encrusted creation that was ...

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