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  1. naomiw


    These are old-ish but HQ none the less..
  2. naomiw


    Untagged, HQ, Leno caps: I know I'm a girl and all but Gi has an awesome butt!
  3. naomiw


    Does anyone have these in HQ? Or at least untagged?
  4. naomiw


    wow! Thanks a lot. The ones with the dogs are so cute. When did she get a lab?
  5. naomiw


    JOHN CASABLANCAS, the Elite model mogul, has plenty of imagination when it comes to talking about his former clients. Having once written off Heidi Klum as a "talentless German sausage" he has also referred to Gisele Bundchen as a "monster of selfishness". And now the Brazilian supermodel is under fire again. She is, he tells Complex magazine, "the most beautiful model today"
  6. I hope these aren't reposts, although I didn't see them..
  7. Birth name Danielle Jane Minogue Nickname Danstar Height 5' 2" (1.57 m) Spouse Julian McMahon (2 January 1994 - 1995) (divorced) Mini biography Danielle Jane Minogue was born in 1971, the middle one between older sister Kylie Minogue and younger brother Brendan Minogue. By June 1978, she had secured a role in the Australian series "Skyways." A number of guest appearances followed, leading to her appearance as a "Talent Discovery" on the popular "Young Talent Time." Three years later, she became an official cast member. As Dannii's professional resume grew, so di
  8. naomiw


    More birthday photos, I hope these haven't been posted yet.
  9. ^ the best set of Gisele IMO
  10. I wonder if she's having her birthday with Patricia..?
  11. naomiw


    wow, thanks Lullaby!
  12. naomiw


    I guess not But the shows are good too...it would be even better if they got rid of the commercials and performers though.
  13. naomiw


    Men everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief
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