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Miami Swim Week, different shows

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I have published at least 12 shows of Miami Swim Weeks at this site, hoping to get ID´s of the models and hoping to help other people with my growing knowledge. At the start I got help from KimFlorida and some others and I learned to recognize nearly 100 models, amongst them the 50 most common ones, models seen in 5-10 shows. The last 2 months I was able to ID nearly 200 models more on my own, so the result is now nearly 300 models identified, around 70 % of the models that appeared in 70 shows that I downloaded from YouTube.  


But it becomes more and more difficult to find new ones.  I should be happy to finish "my project" with the the following 7 models.  What to do with all the material, I still don´t know. I thought that it should be interesting for the users of Bellazon, but I am not sure. The response on these topics is low in my opinion.

Please help me with the last 7 that I like to know very much


1. from Vanity 2019



2. from Frankies 2018 (Priscilla ?)



.3. from Kai Lani 2019



4. from Montce 2018 

For me a younger version of Elena Kurnosova (her legs)



5. from Luli Fama 2016 (also 2017)



6. from Agua Bendita 2017



7. from Monica Hansen 2018


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Thank you very much. Mirla S. I have seen only once ( Beach Bunny 2017). But I have seen Caley-Rae many times and I normally recognise her inmediately. I didn´t see that this model was her too, but I beleive you.

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Yo man, I have seen your posts and I appreciate them. Have you seen the 8th Continent fashion show? 2018 I think. I cannot for the life of me figure out who the second girl that walks is. I have seen her in other Miami swim week shows but haven't been able to ID

20170721ssH1Ei0IjEuIfm9TKTSBcw_Original.jpg Edited by chuf
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I think that she is Leticia Vigna, a model that I like also very much. 

This show of the 8th Continent I did not have. It´s a nice one with very good video quality.

The first one is Joy Corrigan, but most of the other models I don´t recognize, probably  because they look alike with the same kind of make-up and hair cut. 

If you like to know more, I suggest that you make your own topic with in thet title/tags the name of the company, Miami Swim Week, year and model ID.

On that way more people will see it and probably will help with the ID

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I found no. 1 (a really beautiful model), it is Nina Matos.

And I think that no.3 is Talia Graf.

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