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Lybethras 2016, Miami Swim Week


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This is already my  9th topic about shows from the Miami Swim Week.

What started with editing my own video-material (mainly about my traveling and about birds) evaluated in editing video’s (from You Tube) about shows like Victoria´s Secret and Etam and finally the Miami Swim week.  For VS and Etam you can find lists of the models from that show. Surprisingly you can´t  find the names of the models from the Miami Swim Week except the most common ones.  Googling “names models” … give most of the time no results. It brings you often to the webpages of companies that try to sell photos.  The caption of the photo is in that case usually “ a model walks ….”

One month ago I started in Bellazon  to post photos  of the models whose name I wanted to know.  In particular one of the members was very helpfull and within a short time I knew around 100 models by name.  It´s now already 160, but it took me a lot of time to find these 60 names. This knowledge I use now  making new topics of the Miami shows  with photos (that I made from the video) with the names I know and the questions that remain.

Amongst the 1000-s of topics in Bellazon  there are only a few useful ( I found only 2!) with respect to the Miami Swim Week.

So my question is: are there more people interested in my topicsin order to get the names  and are there more people able to contribute with ID?  If not, why I should go on?


Here my last topic about Lybethras  during the Miami Swim Week of 2016. Photos of all 15 models, partlially I know, partially I ask their ID

The sequence is like the "endwalk" of all.


1. Joe CorriganA4-Lyb2016-1.thumb.JPG.74c34f7b2b97cc383bbf655904e23093.JPG


2. Julia Pereira ?  J5-Lyb2016-2.thumb.JPG.cf4d73c3bfce6f23e67c31c01efecd90.JPG


3. Ashley Haas  U2-Lyb2016-3.thumb.JPG.6ae689dd134d418550c744348ca34aa9.JPG


4. ???? J7-Lyb2016-4.thumb.JPG.11b5c587aaaec7d2d6cabd44c8b53631.JPG


5. Tika Camay  A1-Lyb2016-5.thumb.JPG.62673dbb4317287b6dc87d7cb50dbdc0.JPG


6. ???F11-Lyb2016-6.thumb.JPG.9804f9795d298056a290167b81bd0343.JPG


7.Faith Schroder or (perhaps) Josie Canseco R3-Lyb2016-7.thumb.JPG.81e2ac9905cca92a3c35c98048650d03.JPG


8.  ??? Lyb2016-8.thumb.JPG.10f216c55cbc67e2fb1c4811f4512442.JPG


9. ???Lyb2016-9.thumb.JPG.b9b8bbfd678d4d85430a94e3854f817e.JPG




11. ???, the one I most like to know C28-Lyb2016-11.thumb.JPG.b1e8b3b4d73545f1c7b96bd5aa66846a.JPG


12. Melissa Varon  A8-Lyb2016-12.thumb.JPG.2dd645d04697fd1aaa742be9f1b9d717.JPG


13. Talia Graf  E14-Lyb2016-13.thumb.JPG.327b3356ce6ed2932c3255c2a97ced3b.JPG


14. Thais Martins L17-Lyb2016-14.thumb.JPG.32c7f9d82ec1fcc214206a67bd928369.JPG


15. Courtney O´Connor (with the designers)



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Thanks Chapichapo.

I agree that 6 is Saria Chen.  I discovered that 8 is Amanda Pizziconi, 100 % sure.The photo is bad, but if you see the video it´s clear. Recently I found her  in different walks like -for instance-

in Revival 2019.  One of my favorites now.

7 is still a problem, Josie Canseco is also an option. 

It is the same girl as in OMG 2017, see


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#8 is Fernanda Uesler - she is easy to recognize with the distinctive mole she has on her chest.


@WimBelleza You have taken on quite a task IDing models from all of these shows. Please try to be careful when giving "100% sure" ID's as you did above. These threads are used my many current and future Bellazon members and models deserve to be credited correctly. Many designers and photographers already overlook them and they are not given the identifying credit they deserve. This is their livelihood and they deserve to be ID'd as accurately as possible. :flower: 

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I agree completely that the models deserve to be credited correctly. I will try to make less mistakes as my experience grows. As indicated at the start of this topic I was surprised that models participating in the Miami Swim Weeks  in general don´t have names at all !

Thank you very much for your help. I am happy with your help today because  I lost the confidence that you should react on my topics.  It is not an enormous task to make these topics about the Miami Swim Weeks, I like to do it.  But without your help it seems useless, there are (nearly) no other Bellazon-members able to ID correctly. But  if these topics are useful for the members and if it even  helps the models to be better known, I like to go on.

I am still searching to make the topics better.  The photos don´t  always help, perhaps this video is  a better way.


Most models are identified now, except the following 5

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4. Valentina Ferrer

7. Pharis Willauer (she looks different now - lip injections and darker hair)

10. Courtney O'Connor

9. can't remember her name right now

11. I'm pretty sure she is Glynnis Stoot. I know she did swim week that year. 




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